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Full Regalia

Full Regalia Eau de Parfum

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30ml spray with sparkly crystals...


Sweet Vanilla ~ Egyptian Jasmine ~ Moroccan Red Rose ~ Musk ~ Blackberry ~ Patchouli


Carnelian - This gem radiates a luscious aura of passion, courage and motivation.


Full Regalia was my grandfather's racehorse.  My grandfather was told he was a great racehorse and he came with a price tag to match. Over the following year he went on to lose every race he was entered in.

Well, every race but one.

For some strange reason, my Grandpa entered the horse into the Longacres Mile in 1963, to be ridden by a jockey with a bad track record.

Not surprisingly, Full Regalia was a long shot. His odds were 11:1. True to his style, he remained 12 lengths behind the other horses for most of the race. But with half a mile to go, he seemed to suddenly remember who he was. And he pushed forward, leaping and rushing past all the other horses, until he’d won the race.

There’s nothing quite like knowing, without a doubt, who you are and what you’re here to do.

That’s the essence of this Full Regalia. What you’ll notice first is pure, sweet Vanilla. Simple, lovely. But don’t be fooled. Waiting just beneath the surface are Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, and a hint of Patchouli. Complex and delicious: a winning combination.

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Eau de Parfums are packaged in a luxurious 1 oz glass spray bottle with a gold sprayer.

Contains: Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, Crystals + Fragrance.

♥ All products from Olivine Atelier are Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic, Vegan and Cruelty Free! 

Here is what our lovely customers have to say about Full Regalia:  

"I just discovered Olivine today and I am in love.  I live in Portland, OR and I saw it in a little shop I like called branch & birdie.  I love anything scent related (I have a massive collection). They were all lovely, but when Full Regalia hit me, my jaw dropped. So rarely am I struck so completely and fully by a scent.  I couldn't get enough.  I still can't as I type this. I feel sexy as hell."

"Totally gorgeous perfume!"

"Amazing fragrance!  Full Regalia is complex, high quality and has great lasting power! My fiancé really likes it too which is a plus. I’d describe it as a sensual, sweet yet sharp amber musk with a vanilla powdery dry down. Delicious and definitely sexy!  In terms of quality, this perfume is right up there with the 200-300 dollar bottles of designer stuff. Actually, I’d say I liked it more than most of the top shelf designer fragrances I’ve tried.  Thank you! :)"

"I am SO excited to be the owner of a bottle of Full Regalia. Oh how I wish I had a HUGE one. I have to stop myself from just wearing this around the house...everyday...and only use it for special occasions. This is Heaven in a bottle for me. Floral, but not stuffy; Sweet but not sickeningly so; with an undercurrent of "sexy and I know it". ;) This is a "come-hither" scent. At least, it has been for me. ;) Must try!"

"Just got my package today and couldn't wait to try your new fragrance. I keep smelling my hand. There is something about Full Regalia that grabs me."

"This perfume rocks!  I love it!  The fragrance lasts all day.  I started with the sample then immediately bought the full size as well.  I adore Full Regalia perfume.  Trust me, it’s a must have!"

"I've always been a diehard fan of vanilla-based fragrances. They're clean, unfussy and have a recognizable smell I find both comforting and satisfying. Trying Full Regalia opened up a new world to me — while it still has a tinge of that vanilla base I find so alluring, there's an added complexity and sense of mystery I can't get enough of. Full Regalia is the first fragrance I've ever worn where the compliments roll in at a rapid-fire pace.  Both men and women seem inexplicably drawn to it. And even more importantly, after wearing it consistently for a month, I still can't get enough. The obsession continues!"

"Since buying the Full Regalia perfume I haven't had a day go by without someone saying how wonderful I smell! My boyfriend loves it too, it drives him wild! The smell is so beautiful and intoxicating, I recommend it to everyone!"

"I've never been a perfume person and you could even say I was anti-perfume, but there is truly something about Full Regalia ... as I am obsessed. It just always makes everything better and I can't wear too much. It's my favorite part of my AM routine and if I am feeling funky (and as a Mom of two littles, that happens often) dabbing on some Full regalia presses the refresh button and reminds me of my femininity. I always share it with friends because I know they are going to love it and I plan on gifting it to all my favorite ladies this christmas."

"I am always looking for that perfect signature fragrance. Now I've found one! Thank you so much for this incredible fragrance. I am having a hard time labeling or defining it. It is sweet, seductive, sexy, alluring, and really just beautiful. It's been years since anyone commented on a fragrance I've worn, but now total strangers are asking me what scent I'm wearing. But, for me, the really great and amazing thing is that it lasts all day, using just a few dabs and yet it is not strong or overpowering. It has some beautiful notes and does not lose it's fragrance at all. I love it! I will be reordering for myself and for my closest friends. I've have already put it on my Facebook page because it's that good. Thanks again, Leesa."

"I'm absolutely in love with my perfume! You are a genius! Keep up the good work! Thank you! :)"

"When I wear Full Regalia, I spend a lot of time trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes the scent so appealing. But it's sort of an ongoing narrative of delicious, sexy ideas and memories and they're impossible to isolate, let alone identify. Inevitably, I give up and just sniff the inside of my wrist. Happily. Joyously. With a secret smile in the corner of my mouth."

"I love Full Regalia perfume oil. It's sexy, sophisticated and yet sweet! This is my favorite perfume! ;-) "

"Ever since I found Full Regalia, strangers refer to me as scrumptious and my boyfriend's new nickname for me is delectable.  I want to bathe in this amazing fragrance!"

"I went camping last weekend with a lovely lady who happened to be wearing your Full Regalia perfume when she arrived, and all I wanted to do was keep hugging her hello because she smelled SO GOOD! I think I might need to snag myself a bottle--I can't stop thinking about it. ;)"

****Full Regalia was previously known as Miss Anastasia by my other perfume brand Lulu Beauty**** 


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