What is the difference between Perfume Oil and Eau De Parfum? And which one will I prefer?

Perfume oil is a highly concentrated form of fragrance. It contains a higher concentration of actual perfume oils compared to other types of fragrances. This concentration makes perfume oil incredibly long-lasting, as a little goes a long way. When applied to the body, perfume oil tends to have a rich, deep, and often more intense aroma, that also tends to stay 'closer' to the body. To me, perfume oil is more for the person wearing the perfume and anyone that comes in close.

Eau de Parfum is a slightly lighter version of perfume. It has a lower concentration of perfume oils compared to perfume oil, usually ranging from 10-20%. While still long-lasting, Eau de Parfum offers a more sparkly scent experience in my opinion. It also tends to have a more noticeable presence to others without being overpowering, this is what is considered a 'throw' in the perfume industry.

The difference in ingredients between Perfume Oil and Eau de Parfum lies in their respective concentrations. Perfume oil contains a higher percentage of perfume oils, which are usually derived from natural sources like flowers, fruits, spices, or woods. Eau de Parfum, while still containing perfume oils, also incorporates a larger proportion of alcohol and water to achieve its lighter composition.

Our Eau de Parfums use a blend of Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol and water.

Our Perfume Oils may contain a slight amount of Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Some people love to spray on their perfume, some like to roll it on.

(The next question will also help you in your decision perhaps! So keep reading!)

Some people say that one lasts longer than the other, but this also varies from person to person.

I wish there was a definitive answer to this question! 

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How long will the scent last on my skin?

That is a great question and unfortunately I don't have an answer for you! There are so many variables...how dry/oily your skin is, how much you apply, how much you sweat, your hormones, the list is endless.

For the Clean Perfume blends you will find they last from 4-36 hours, and that's a huge range!

For the 100% natural perfumes I would expect them to last 1-6 hours.

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My Perfume Oil smells different from the last time I ordered, or the sample that I received, or the tester I tried in the store. Why?

And now the downside to using a Perfume Oil!

Every time you use the dauber from a sample or roll the perfume on your skin it will pick up traces of what is already on your skin.

Did you just put on lotion? It will pick up trace amounts. Did you have another perfume on that spot earlier? It will pick that up. Unless you are completely diligent about using 100% clean skin every single time the scent may change over time.

Similarly, if you try on an Eau De Parfum and have anything on your skin it will change the scent slightly for you the next time you try the scent.

On the very rare occasions that we've had to make an ingredient change in a perfume we will always have that boldly stated on the product listing.

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I can't smell my Wolf Moon perfume. Why?

Wolf Moon is a very elusive scent and she is such a mystery to me. In the winter it can take 5-7 days of sitting at room temperature (after sitting in a cold UPS truck) before her scent begins to bloom again.

I have also noticed that Amber Blanc (a component of Wolf Moon) can choose to become invisible to the wearer on some days and not on others - yet everyone around you will tell you that you smell amazing.

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Are your perfumes all natural and/or pure essential oils?

Our perfumes (with a few exceptions, keep reading) all fall into the 'Clean Fragrance' category. This would be the same category of fragrance that you would find at your local health food store chain. 

This simply means that we use a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils that are non-toxic, phthalate free, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan.

The exceptions to this would be the following perfumes:

Good Witch and the Aloha Collection are all made using 100% pure + natural oils - sourced from essential oils, absolutes, enfleurage and extracts.

There is no regulation in the perfume industry - anyone can say they make their perfumes with essential oils, when they very clearly are not. It's kind of the wild west out there and it's always best to purchase from a company you love + trust.

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