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Olivine Atelier


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Choose Your Magic

Just wait until you see what 90 days of Gratitude can do for you...

When my son was just a baby I was distraught at how fast the time was rushing by. I read an article that said that a daily gratitude practice was the best way to slow down time and savor your life. So I went all in. I was amazed at the difference just a few minutes a day could make - and how powerful it was to jot down the memories of the day that were truly special.

Over time I added affirmations and desires to the page, that's when the magic really started to happen.

More ABUNDANCE, more LOVE, more CONNECTION, more EASE, more MAGIC and more TIME.

I can't wait to see what a simple 90 day Beauty, Love + Gratitude practice will do for you!

The journal includes:

Full instructions to get started

90 Days of Gratitude

A daily page to add all of your "Magical Notes"

Beautiful images and inspiration throughout the journal

6" x 9"

Heavy 120 gsm paper

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