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Olivine Atelier


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If you would like to purchase this class as a gift...please purchase the class and specify in the notes at checkout that this is a gift and we will send you a Gift Card CODE to gift to your friend/sister/mother/beloved. What an awesome gift!


- Would you like to show up in the world feeling beautiful and confident?

- Does the term 'Sparkly Self Love' sound like it may be from a foreign language?

- Do you walk around much of the day feeling dull and uninspired?

Well then it's time to turn on the lights love, and I'm here to help you flip the switch!


I created the original version of this course in 2014 for myself. I wanted to immerse myself in beauty, self love and gratitude and see what kind of magic would happen.

The results were mind blowing.

- Within a month my sales were up 500% and only went up from there.

- My family started making plans to move to Kauai for a year.

- I felt a new level of comfort and ease in my body that I had never experienced.

And be sure to read the reviews below to hear what other women that took the course experienced!!!

And then came 2020. The year we will all NEVER forget! Am I right?

I am in dire need of a massive reboot and I'm guessing that many of you feel the same.

I've spent the last few months updating the Happily Ever After course with so much new magic that I have gathered in the last few years. I know you are going to absolutely love it!!!!!

And just so you know you aren't alone, I am starting this class myself on Friday 7/28!

I am ready for a new level of beauty, confidence, abundance and vitality to show up in my life.

Are you ready my love?

Please note:

1) We will be using the email address you use to check out for your class lessons. Please let us know ASAP if you wish to use a different email address.

2) You are amazing and brave and beautiful and I love you.

3) This class will be listed here for the rest of 2020 at least. There will never be a 'perfect' 28 days to take this class, but if you need to wait a bit to sign up then just know we will be here for you!

4) If you have any questions about the class please email me at

5) Did I tell you how beautiful you are?

6) Now sign up for the class already, you deserve a life that you love.

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