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Olivine Atelier

Beauty Heart + Soul ♥ Oracle Cards

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Not a day has gone by for years when I haven't pulled an Oracle Card to give me some gentle guidance for the day...

Unfortunately I have never found a deck with artwork that REALLY resonated with me. Many of them I found a bit too embarrassing to leave out when I thought someone might see them!

I wanted to create a deck that any stylish lass would want to pull a card from every day and display it work, at home, on the dashboard of her car...wherever she needs the encouragement to keep living that high vibe life.

How Do They Work You Ask? Pull a card in the morning to set the right tone for your day. Pull a card any time throughout the day when you crave guidance. Or perhaps before you drift off to sleep. Create your own ritual for tapping into the oracle wisdom, and multiply the good energy by sharing with your friends!

What's Inside? A deck of 34 handcrafted cards intended to bring inspiration tucked with a booklet that explains the meanings of each card. While the booklet is helpful for interpretation, I urge you to derive your own meanings. After all, everything you need is already inside of you - the cards are simply there to get you back in touch with your intrinsic worth and wonder.

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