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Rave Reviews

"I purchased a sample of this perfume and fell in love immediately. Wolf Moon is exactly as described soft and sexy. But, it also brings me a sense of calm and lifts my mood...probably because I feel sooo sexy."

Rave Reviews

"I love Amongst The Waves! I was looking for something that would remind me of being at the beach, and I stumbled across Olivine and this gem. I'm so glad I did! I'm usually the kind of person who uses a perfume for a couple months and then moves on to the next one but I'm halfway through my second bottle. To me, it smells exactly like you walked right off the beach. "

Rave Reviews

"I feel like a mermaid with Love + Salt spray. The smell is amazing it feels like being by the ocean. I love that it's light weight and doesn't dry out my hair. It is also a good perfume and room freshener in a pinch!"

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