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Full Regalia

Gigi Eau de Parfum

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30ml spray with sparkly crystals...


Bergamot ~ Pear ~ Papaya ~ Ylang Ylang ~ Gardenia ~ Green Tea ~ Parvati Sandalwood ~ Green Musk ~ Pure Vanilla


Jade - A beautiful stone which raises your heart vibration and taps into your dreams, attracting all the positive vibes and that lust filled attention.


As the all time bestseller from my previous line Lulu Beauty, Gigi was destined to make a banging comeback. Featured in beauty magazines and favored by Madonna herself, this perfume oil is the place of lusty memories, wishes and desires.

Incredible flirtatious, innocent and sexy all at the same time, Gigi opens up with a bright and juicy top note of Pear, Papaya and Bergamot...only to full heartedly drop you on a petal bed of Ylang Ylang and Gardenia caressed by a subtle hint of Green Tea.

The floral fruity foreplay culminates in a warm and luscious vanilla, sandalwood and musk based scent - as rich as love, as craving inducing as carnal touch.

Delicious and so, so sexy.

Eau de Parfums are packaged in a luxurious 1 oz glass spray bottle with a gold sprayer.

Contains: Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, Water, Fragrance + Crystals

♥ All products from Olivine Atelier are Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic, Vegan and Cruelty Free! ♥

And here are some lovely reviews from some even lovelier customers! 

I am in love with Gigi. Such an amazing scent!

No wonder Madonna loves this is like magic for the nose!!!

Lovelovelove Gigi!

I love is by far one of the "yummiest" smells ever!! I too LOVE LOVE LOVE the clever box it comes in!!!! Cant wait to try others!!!

GiGi is my fave!

You know when you buy an album, and every time you listen, it gets better and better? Gigi is like that for me!! 

Here is a wonderful review from an amazing blog called Scentzilla...

"Gigi: My favorite gardenia pefume. Gigi lights up on the skin like a stick of incense. Smokey sweetness billows forth, eventually burning down to reveal a sensual floral perfume. The scent is predominately gardenia on me, lilted by an accent of ylang ylang. Dripping into the flowers is a juiciness that smells like a mix of underripe green pear skin and vanilla pear liqueur. It’s not sugary, though. I find the pear and rich vanilla are tempered by a note that calls to mind stem greens, paired alongside a vegetal musk note. (The musk is suggestive of the same skin-like one I get from Helmut Lang parfum.) This green note and the quiet musk pin the gardenia down onto my skin. It’s not until 4 or 5 hours into the wear that I actively notice the dry sandalwood at the bottom of Gigi’s composition. And I may be crazy here, but I perceive the faint whiff of french vanilla buried way down in there, too. The staying power is great on me - it takes 7 to 8 hours before I feel like I need to refresh it a little. Overall, this is a sweet but tender perfume that charms me anew everytime I wear it. However, Gigi is not a fragrance you wear to impress others. It is one you choose for your own sake, when being luscious sounds like an end in itself."


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