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Olivine Eau de Parfum

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30 ml spray with sparkly crystals...


Gardenia ~ Soft Musk 


Peridot - This stone encourages you to flaunt your feminine beauty, mysterious appeal and unapologetic sensuality.


Inspired by the lushness of Hawaii - Olivine is my signature scent, the heroine of all my exclusive collections and a tribute to graceful seduction.

It's my starting point, my reset button, and my constant indulgence.

Pure Gardenia paints a fragrance portrait so vivid and enthralling that you too may find your heart transformed by the beguiling heady sweetness of the beloved tropical flower.

Packaged in a luxurious 30 ml glass bottle with a gold atomizer.

Contains: Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol, Fragrance + Crystals

♥ All products from Olivine Atelier are Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic, Vegan and Cruelty Free! ♥

Here is what my lovely customers have to say about Olivine:

"This is one perfect floral composition...the gardenia is exquisite! Not only did my husband (who shudders from olfactory memories of "Island Gardenia") love the pure essence of this , but his horse stalked me in the paddock, muzzle outstretched..trying to find the source of the honey pear ambrosia I was hiding from him! (I had just recieved mine in mail, and rolled over neck and wrists.)"

"Olivine smells divine! Love it! Thanks so much!"

"Olivine is a star."

"Beautiful packaging and lovely, gardenia fragrance. Smells just like the blooms on the Gardenia bush at my childhood home. My Mom will be thrilled with this for Mother's Day. Gardenias are her favorite flower."

"My favorite is Olivine - it is a true gardenia scent. So beauuutiful! Anyone who loves the scent of gardenias will love Olivine. It is very long lasting as well! I went out last night and wore Olivine and could still smell it when I woke up this morning. And get this, when I came into work this morning I got compliments INSTANTLY! Everyone was telling me how good I smelled. You only need a little bit because it is so concentrated. A tiny bottle will last you a long time."

"Olivine is an absolute gem. After purchasing the sample set I knew I would be back for more. I can't be without it! It is such a beautiful and true gardenia scent. There is nothing artificial about it at all. I feel so pretty when I wear it :o) Mahalo Julie!"

"I could honestly write 100 pages about WHY I love Gardenia--now that I've smelled it and used it myself--Olivine is an absolute gem. After purchasing the sample set I knew I would be back for more. I can't be without it!"

"I collect perfumes and have a few gardenia ones. This is the best! I can't stop smelling myself!"

"Love it! I think this was the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered this perfume!"

"I love love love this perfume and so does everyone who smells it on me....always getting compliments!"

"I absolutely LOVE Olivine!! And so do my boyfriends ;-)"

"Such a lovely scent. If you love Gardenia like I do, this perfume is to die for."

"This is the best! I can't stop smelling myself!"

"Although true to the flower, it manages to not be too high-pitched."

"love it. wear it all the time. compliments every time! smells just like a real gardenia mixed with warm skin. PERFECTION."

"Congrats! you did it! i have officially found the perfect gardenia perfume...Olivine!"

****Olivine was previously known as Starlet by my other perfume brand Lulu Beauty**** 


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