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Classic Eau de Parfum Sample Set

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The Classic Eau de Parfum Sample Collection by Olivine Atelier.

Our 6-piece Perfume Oil Sampler is a great way to try our delightful, fresh and floral fragrances, with 4 ml glass sprays of our most popular scents.


⚬ One (1) 4 ml spray bottle of the 6 different scents below (for a total of 6).

⚬ MORE THAN THE STARS: almond, stargazer lily, gardenia with base notes of Egyptian musk, sandalwood, vanilla & Brazilian vetiver.

⚬ AMONGST THE WAVES: ocean salt, black coconut, bodied, stargazer lily, waterlily, tiger lily with base notes of musk, tonka bean & Arabian sandalwood.

⚬ OLIVINE: pure white gardenia with a hint of musk.

⚬ FULL REGALIA: Egyptian jasmine, Moroccan red rose, musk, blackberry, patchouli with base notes of sweet vanilla.

⚬ SHE BELONGS THERE: gardenia, pikake, night-blooming jasmine & smoky vanilla. ⚬ OLIVINE: Gardenia & musk.

⚬ GIGI: pear, papaya, bergamot, ylang ylang, gardenia, green tea with base notes of Parvati sandalwood, green musk & vanilla.


⚬ Phthalate Free, Paraben Free Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

⚬ Contains fragrance + organic sugar cane alcohol

⚬ Made in the USA.

***Please note, if you are looking for the perfume oil sampler then that lovely item can be found here!
If you would rather purchase just one sample then the listing for that can be found here!
International Customers!  We cannot ship Eau de Parfums internationally.  Please choose perfume oils as your option, if not we will automatically send you the perfume oils.  Thank you for your understanding.
♥ All products from Olivine Atelier are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE! 

“How do I choose? I love them all!!!!!”

“OH MY GOD all of these smell fantastic, I am so pleased. and especially since you get to sample the whole range of products with the sampler. Will definitely be back for a full-size bottle. I just have to decide which! thanks a million!”

“Super fragrances...all of them are so fun and sexy!”

“Beautiful! These scents are perfect, I have been looking for "just the right perfume" for years and I finally found it. Now I just can't decide which one I like best, I might have to get a few of them.”

“Such wonderful fragrances... can't wait to have people smell me!”

“Oh my lord, these are amazing. I generally keep away from florals but with this order, I can hardly pick a favourite. so glad I decided to try!”

“These are all so nice, can't decide which one I like best!”

“I couldn't get enough of these. They are all so different and absolutely enchanting. Can't wait to try each one! Thanks!”

“Wonderful, each one of these is fantastic, making it hard to choose. They are definitely enticing, sweetly romantic and very wearable. Thanks so much! ;-)”

“OK so I waited a while to give feedback in order to try out all the fragrances in this sampler. I really tried to pick a favorite but I have to say that they are ALL AMAZING! I am so finicky with scents and Julie is ON POINT with her fragrances. Consider me HOOKED! I love Gardenia and you do not disappoint! Thank you for making these absolutely wonderful scents!! :)”


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