Serenity Now...

I'm so glad you loved your sample of Serenity!! 

Here is a little info page (that will lead you to other info pages) to get you started if you decide you need a little Serenity in your life.

How to order:

    • Click here: You will see my picture and it should say Julie + Ken Wray
    • If you would like to pay retail then just click Shop Now on the tab at the top.
    • If you would like to save 25% for a year and get all the Olivine Flowers perks and become a Wholesale Customer then choose Join + Save at the top. Olivine Perks include: entry to Happily Ever After class ($149 value), private FB group, education and a glowing community (because we're all using the oils of course!).
    • Either add the $35 enrollment fee and your individual items OR add one of the enrollment kits and save the $35.

I made a whole page of doTERRA info, including my favorite oils, products and enrollment kits and you can find that here!

Want more info on the Happily Ever After class? You got it!

Have any questions? I would. Email me at Anytime.