Return Policy

Perfumes are a very individual item and we can't 100% guarantee that you will love your perfume. If we all loved the same perfume this world would be a VERY boring place!


Samples are always a final sale. No exceptions.

If you purchase a full size perfume and you are not happy with it then you may return it with the following instructions:

- File a claim WITHIN 5 DAYS of receiving your order by emailing us at and letting us know that you would like to return the item.

- We will then give you the mailing address to send back your item. We will not be responsible for items that arrive damaged (or lost!) so please make sure the item is packed well and you might want to purchase insurance. Packages that are returned without prior authorization will be returned to sender.

- The return will be subject to a 20% return processing fee to cover the costs of packaging, labor and credit card fees we have incurred. The balance will be refunded within 10 days of receiving your return in the same manner of payment.

- This return policy will also apply if you have any allergies/reactions to the item. But if you know that you are prone to allergies then I'm guessing you would have already made the smart move and ordered samples! 


We do not accept exchanges. This policy is to ensure that you get safe, sanitary and 100% un-altered products that have not been contaminated by outside sources.  


So sorry! Please let us know within 5 days of receiving your order and we will make it right. Email us at letting us know and we will get it sorted out for you. Please include a photo of the damaged items in the email. We cannot process damage claim replacements without a photo.


We sometimes get this question about Wolf Moon in the colder months. There is a fair amount of Amber Blanc in this blend and it can be quite shy when it gets cold! Whenever someone returns Wolf Moon because they insist it has no smell we leave it to sit at room temperature after we receive it, and it smells delicious after about 4 days. We suggest you try that before you return it!

On a similar note, the Wolf Moon Eau de Parfum doesn't smell very strong right out of the bottle - you will smell more alcohol than Wolf Moon. But a couple minutes after you spray it on? It's incredible.

Occasionally we will get an email about a perfume smelling different than what they had before. This can be for a few reasons! I assure you, we have not changed any of our formulas, and if we did it would be on the listing for that perfume! There are a few reasons why it could happen...

1. Perfume may change slightly in color and scent as it ages. This is a beautiful thing! If you are trying to compare a brand new bottle to one you had 5 years ago it may smell/look different for that reason.

2. The perfume can become tainted by lotions, etc. when you roll it on your body. This too will cause the older scent to change over time. Always apply to clean skin to avoid this.

There have been maybe 2 occasions in all my years here that someone has sent their perfume back and it truly was the wrong one! If that is the case then we will of course either send you a new one after we verify it's incorrect or refill the entire amount of your order (you would not be subject to the 20% return processing fee).