"I just discovered Olivine today and I am in love.

I live in Portland, OR and I saw it in a little shop I like called branch & birdie. I love anything scent related (I have a massive collection). They were all lovely, but when Full Regalia hit me, my jaw dropped. So rarely am I struck so completely and fully by a scent. I couldn't get enough. I still can't as I type this. I feel sexy as hell."

"I just got my sample of Amongst the Waves and I absolutely love it!

This is the perfume I've been searching forever for."

"Amongst The Waves is the most beautiful perfume I've ever smelled.

Until now i've been exclusively a Bobbi Brown Beach user. While her scent is pure suntan lotion Amongst The Waves smells like after you've showered off the sun lotion and are walking on the beach at night. It's so sophisticated and has the quality of an expensive Chanel scent. It captures perfectly the feeling of being in the islands. Thank you so much! It's brilliant!"

"Such a beautiful gardenia scent.

Even the bottle is a work of art."

"This is honestly the best smell I have ever worn. Hands down.

It makes me feel amazing and sexy and beautiful and can turn gray skies blue. Never gets overpowering and I never get sick of it. Plus, it feels like it's all mine....but since I don't feel right jealously hoarding it, I do share your info! Thanks for making such a magical thing. Transformative. :-)"

"After a discouraging few months looking for a gardenia perfume that really smells like a gardenia, finally there is Olivine.

I think the oil is a richer, more completely realistic and 'alive' gardenia than the eau de parfum, with the underlying fungal notes that characterize a fully open gardenia flower. On the other hand, the oil lies fairly close to the skin, and the edp has more projection. My solution to this is to wear both at once. It can't get more beautiful than this. If you're a gardenia lover, go for this one."

"I just love this perfume.

Words cannot describe just how much I love it. I can't stop smelling myself. I'm in love. (She Belongs There)"

"After a certain man in my life clearly wanted to devour me when I tested this scent (Oxley) from the sample I had, I went home and bought the full size straight away.

Thanks so much!"