Feathers...Part One

 I received an email last week from a customer, and she was head over heels in love with the gold glitter dipped feathers that are enclosed in the Olivine perfume boxes.  First she wanted to know if she could get 20 more of the feathers, second she wanted to know WHY there was a feather in the box.  Surely there must be a special meaning for me?   So I'm going to answer this question in 3 parts!

Here would be the #1 reason why feathers are magical to me...

When my son Johnny was about a year old we started going on nature walks.  I noticed that we started seeing beautiful feathers everywhere we went.  Like most kids, Johnny loved birds (and still does!) and we spent a lot of time just watching them fly through the sky.

One day we found a beautiful white feather that was on the grass down the street, and it was surrounded by pink rose petals, it was truly amazing.  I picked up the feather and read the special message that the bird had left for Johnny on the feather, it went something like this:

Dear Johnny,
I hope you have a beautiful day today.
Love, Birdie

I wish you could have seen the smile on his face when I read that to him.  And so began the tradition.  Every time we see a feather on our walks I read the special message that the bird has left for him, and it is a truly special ritual that we share.

In part 2 I will share more about the traditional magical meanings behind feathers...