New Beauties on the Block: Autumn Rituals

As the weather gets cooler and the air smells heavenly of campfires and turning leaves, it's a good idea to switch up our beauties routines to ensure we're giving our skin proper care. Which is why I am so excited to introduce our new beauty on the block, Love + Roses Beauty Mist

What Is Love + Roses?

I created this mist from the ground-up because I wanted something that was part skincare/part precious ritual. An elegant part of any day that wasn't terribly time-consuming, but packed big benefits, both beauty-wise and for mood and outlook. I thought of roses - resilient, lovely, strong, and packed with nutrients your skin craves. Rose oil, ancient and nourishing, is the cornerstone of this exclusive formulation, which is also vegan and entirely cruelty-free.

Why Rose Oil?

With more than 300 organic compounds, Damask Rose Oil is one of the most complex natural substances on earth and is often called nature’s universal healer. It has no natural limits on its ability to tone, balance, and heal skin, and does so gently. It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing, and tolerated by all skin types.

The first references to the benefits of rose oil date back more than 5,000 years and include great ancient civilizations such as Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Classical cultures primarily placed value on the exclusivity and aesthetics of the rose, without truly understanding the complexity of the flower and its natural effect on the mood and its ability to enhance beauty.

I'll be spotlighting other ingredients in the Love + Roses Beauty Mist in subsequent posts (hint: they're all really amazing and thoughtfully blended with a purpose), but I urge you to try this magical mist for yourself. I only released it last week, and we've already received major love and raves from outlets like Refinery29 and PopSugar Beauty.