Phenomenal Women: Tali Edut

While I was creating my new course, Happily Ever After: A (Self) Love Story (juicy details on that HERE!), I decided that I needed to find out what makes some of the women whom I admire feel their most abundant, walk the world their radiant best. And because we're all in a community of supportive sisters, it seemed only right that I share their inspiring, hilarious, and often resonant responses with you. Every few weeks, I will introduce you to someone whose work and spirit have been life-changing for me, and hopefully you'll find yourself touched and motivated, too.

Tali Edut is one half of the the gorgeous Astrostyle Twins. I have gotten so addicted to the astrological talents of Miss Tali that it is hard for me to make a major decision without consulting her first. Their site is FULL of amazing information and I highly suggest subscribing to their daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts. If you are a Mom (or you love a Mom), then their new book, Momstrology, is a must. While you are at it check out ‘all of their books here

JW: How do you deal with your negative self talk?

TE: Negative self-talk usually bubbles up when I’ve hurled myself out of my comfort zone. Generally, it’s a sign that I’m actually on the right path—leading, creating, living by my own rules. It can be scary to wander off the marked trail alone, especially as a woman who innately craves community. When I’m down on myself, I stop the soliloquy in my head and call one of my sisters. Speaking the crazy thoughts aloud, dissecting them, and realizing how ridiculous they are fuels me back to maverick mode.

JW: How would you describe your spiritual practice?

TE: Spirituality, for me, is the experience of being raptly engaged—with people, with life, with whatever I’m doing—so much so that I almost forget I have a physical form. It’s art. It’s a practice of joy and can happen in any moment. A private karaoke room has been my chapel, a transcendent dance floor moment too. Divine creative flow connects me to a higher power.

JW: What is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you?

TE: When I was in my late twenties, a friend got a job at Teen People magazine. They were in need of an astrologer, and knowing how obsessed we were with the zodiac, brought me and my twin sister in to apply for the gig. (It didn’t hurt that our brains are bizarre databases for celebrities' star signs.) At the time, I had just started my own media consulting and web design company—never did I think I could turn this kooky hobby into any sort of career. But some cosmic force must have had other plans because I’ve been writing about the stars for over a decade now—a total gift because I get to feed people empowering messages every day.


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