Scent Stories: Oxley

"Oxley was his home. And he is my home."

Each week, I want to share with you the stories behind my hand-crafted scents. Why? Because every perfumer has a story for their fragrances, and I think it helps you to spin your own when you know mine. The second scent in this series is Oxley, and it's near and dear to my heart for good reason.

Scent story:

When I was in high school I told my Mom that I was going to marry an Australian man. I'm not sure why I thought that, I just did. Sometimes, you just know. I took a year off before college and spent six months traveling around Australia. I had many adventures, but never found my Australian Mr. Right.  Little did I know, however, that he was living just two blocks away from me for the two months that I had a flat in Sydney.
20 years later - yes, TWENTY YEARS - I met my Australian! My luck was incredible. This tall, dark, loving, handsome surfer man with a delicious accent took me to be his bride. He grew up on Oxley Street, in a little town outside of Sydney. Oxley was his home, and he is my home. 
What does it smell like?

Starting with white gardenia and night-blooming jasmine, it draws you in. The base notes of essential vanilla and African musk are welcoming, comforting, solid. 

When to wear Oxley?

The mixture of the fresh gardenias and warm vanilla make this a scent to be worn all year round, but is reminiscent to me of new beginnings, and warm love. Wear this when you want to attract more love in your love, or when you want to be more loving (and when is that never not the case?).

Where to apply?

Close to your heart, of course! Also beautiful behind the knees.

Custom Affirmation:

"Never too soon or too late, what is meant for me is always right on time."