The Seduction Of Fragrance


Today's guest post comes from the awe inspiring Kitty Cavalier.  I met Kitty about 8 years ago and I was instantly drawn to her like a bee to honey.  She teaches courses on seduction (that are crazy amazing), writes a most intimate blog, is a burlesque dancer and a lover of gold glitter.  Need I say more?  Read on my dear...

When I was 15, every Friday night I would go cruising at the mall with my girlfriends. We would always stop in a certain bath and body store to douse ourselves in fruity body splash. When no one was looking, I would wander into the back of the store where they displayed the more expensive stuff and load up. When I say load up, what I mean is that I would pull a piece of index card out of my wallet and spray it with a cologne called Woodland. It was the fragrance worn by my crush, who I was hopelessly in love with, but felt far too afraid to ever make a move on. It was much easier to just keep him in my wallet.

Oh if that boy could see me now! My job description: full time seductress.  I teach classes and retreats to women about seduction being not a tool of manipulation, but a spiritual practice and a way of life. Seduction is a way for us to connect to our natural powers of magnetism, in all of life, not just in love. A seductress relies heavily on her senses and her intuition to guide her. Today, we are going to explore a powerful and magical art: the art of seductive fragrance.

First, a little science lesson in why fragrance plays such a central role in sensuality and seduction. When we inhale a fragrance it enters a bulb of nerves in the nose called the olfactory system. This system is deeply connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain and psyche that governs our memory and emotion. Hence, by keeping that little card in my wallet, pulling it out and taking a deep breath, I could make my heart swell and my loins tingle any time I wanted them too!

In the book La Seduction: How the French Play the Game of Life by Elaine Sciolino, Elaine writes:

“A sophisticated and alluring perfume can play a central role in a seduction campaign. Drawn to the scent one is drawn to the person. Lured by sensation that cannot be expressed in words one is tempted to suspend rational thought and follow the lead of emotion.”

However, seductive fragrance is more than simply drenching ourselves in gardenia and expecting the world to come running. In fact, overdoing it can have quite the opposite effect. In the book Elaine interviews Jean-Claude Ellena, a master French perfumer. He writes:

“The American vision of perfume is what I call performance. Known for long duration tenacity and power. Some perfumes immediately create distance because their smell is so strong that I go like this.” (He extended his arm as if to push her away.) Perfume functions almost like a shield.”

What Ellena is insinuating is that perfumes role in seduction is to draw someone closer, not drive them away Applying your seductive fragrance is about a lot more than finding your pulse points. A seductress perfumes her body in a way that is ritualistic, adding her special magic to use her scent to cast a spell.

As Coco Chanel said when asked where to apply perfume: “Wherever one wishes to be kissed.”

That is why I have created this guided “Seductive Fragrance Anointing Ritual”.

This ritual creates connection between your fragrance and your innate seductive nature. It will be your special secret. Well, our special secret. And I’m not telling a soul.


Kitty Cavalier is bringing her three-day retreat “The Seduction Experience” to Seattle April 4-6th at the W Hotel and to LA April 11-13th. This retreat is an immersion in sacred seduction, designed to bring forward the innate seductive abilities you already possess, as well as teach you ancient secrets. You don’t want to miss it!