A Bath Fit for a Queen


Our Happily Ever After: A (Self) Love Story class is almost to an end, and judging by feedback, this was one of the participants' favorite days. If you're interested in being a part of the next class (starting September 15th), you can learn more about this affordable, gotta-have-it experience here.

What's the point of the course? Well, to create more magic, gratitude, and abundance in your life, darling. Without further ado, here's a taste of the indulgent self-love rituals you'll experience with Happily Ever After: A (Self) Love Story:

Fit for a Queen.

Cleopatra was known for her milk baths and her beautiful skin, and now you will be, too. We are going to make the experience even more amazing, though. Here's what you'll need:

Milk contains lactic acid which is an incredibly gentle, but effective exfoliant for the skin. It is a beautiful way to get rid of those dead skin cells. You will need ½ gallon of whole (preferably organic, pasture-raised) milk. Other options for our vegan friends include using full-fat Soy Milk, which is incredibly softening and full of antioxidants, or 1-2 cans of full-fat Coconut Milk, which feels like you're bathing in the most delicious tropical lagoon.

Honey is an antibacterial, antioxidant skin softener. You will need 1 full bottle of honey, preferably local, organic, wildcrafted, and un-fooled around with. I always try to buy local and organic honey because the enzymes are so potent and fresh that way. Another wonderful option is to use Agave, which the Aztecs have been using for thousands of years to treat skin conditions.

Salt is incredibly detoxifying, purifying, and relaxing for the muscles. Have fun with this. I love using Epsom salts for sore muscles, chunky Himalayan Pink Sea Salt or Dead Sea Salts for their remineralizing benefits for the skin, or check out your local health food or beauty store for the array of exotic salts. The only rule of thumb here is that if it makes you excited to take a bath, use it!

Candles, be they scented, small, large, without fragrance. Whatever floats your boat. You just need a real, honest-to-goodness glow from a flame to make this ritual truly decadent.

How does the Queen bathe?

Clean your bathroom. The best you can, that is. Cleopatra would never take a bath with dirty socks on the floor and a week’s worth of hair in the drain, and neither should you. You're worth this time and experience.

Light your candle. And put it in a safe place where you can see it.

Prepare your bath. Fill up the tub with warm water, when the tub is close to full, pour in your bath salts and swirl them around with your hand until they are somewhat dissolved. Then slowly and deliberately pour in your milk of choice and your honey/agave. I want you to do all of this with intention. I want you to feel sensual, deserving, anticipatory, relaxed, excited, and to savor every step of this experience. If you like, you can sprinkle some rose petals in the bath right before you get in. (I always like this idea in theory, but I can’t stand it when they get stuck all over me!).

Soak it all in. Get in the tub, close your eyes, and just be still for a few minutes. How does this feel? Can you feel the water warming and filling your body? Can you smell the luscious ingredients? Do you sense the undulations of the water caressing you? Really feel this bathing ritual.

Reflect on your blessing of a body and life. After you have reached a blissed out and relaxed state, think about your body and what a gift it has been to you in this lifetime. Ponder some of these questions, and have a little celebration for each answer:

▪ Have you experienced good health at any time in your life?
▪ Do your arms and legs work?
▪ Are you able to run, walk, swim, ride a bike?
▪ Are you able to see a sunset?
▪ Are you able to smell a beautiful rose?
▪ Are you able to feel how soft velvet is?
▪ Are you able to hear the sad song that a cello plays?
▪ Are you able to taste a delicious strawberry dipped in chocolate?
▪ Can you have an orgasm?
▪ Did your body create a baby?
▪ Has your body ever felt all tingly and excited with the thought of a first kiss?
▪ Are you ticklish?
▪ Are you alive? (This may seem like a silly question, but so often we forget that our bodies are the reason we are alive! Hallelujah, let’s celebrate that!)

Our bodies are amazing miracles, each and every one of them, flaws and all.