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  • Good Witch Perfume
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Olivine Atelier

Good Witch Eau De Parfum

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Surrender to the bewitching allure of Good Witch Eau De Parfum by Olivine Atelier – a fragrance that transcends the ordinary and dances in the realm of the extraordinary.

⚬ 1ml Sample - Encased in a charming amber glass roller bottle, this size offers a tantalizing introduction to a world of spellbinding scents.

⚬ 10ml Spray - Elegantly presented in a golden metal sprayer, encased within a sleek black gift box - a captivating treasure for a loved one or a decadent treat for yourself.

⚬ 30ml Spray - A grand expression of olfactory artistry, housed in a chic amber glass bottle, topped with a refined black sprayer.

Unveil a symphony of seductive floral notes intertwined with velvety vanilla and an intriguing dash of spice, all underpinned by a whisper of vivacious citrus. This scent is an irresistible potion that I find myself drawn to time and again, and its allure has earned Good Witch a cult following of discerning fragrance enthusiasts.

This fragrance has a captivating duality that inspires passionate responses - it either elicits a fervent "This is the one, I'll never switch!" or it might not resonate as deeply. Such is the enchanting mystery of Good Witch. We invite you to unlock this magic with a sample, and discover your own unique connection to this compelling scent.


⚬ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – a sweet and sensual note that invites a sense of calm.

⚬ Vanilla Oleoresin – offers a comforting, warm aroma.

⚬ Tangerine Essential Oil – adds a spark of vibrant citrus.

⚬ Clove Essential Oil – introduces a spicy edge for depth and intrigue.

⚬ Red Ruby Gemstone Essence – for enhancing love, beauty, and connection.

⚬ Jasmine Flower Essence – for heart healing and compassion.

⚬ Pink Yarrow Flower Essence – for protection and resilience.

⚬ Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol – a natural, clean base for the blend.


⚬ A proprietary blend of 8 distinct essential oils creates a unique scent profile.

⚬ 100% natural composition for a truly authentic fragrance experience.

⚬ Shake well before each use to awaken the scent!

⚬ Clove Essential Oil may produce a warming sensation on the skin, which will dissipate quickly. Conduct a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

⚬ Good Witch contains a substantial amount of pure vanilla absolute, which can vary in color from light golden amber to rich dark chocolate. Avoid spraying near fabrics to prevent any potential discoloration.

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