For The Love Of Gardenias...


There is no question, Gardenias are my very favorite flower.  This may be the reason that many of my perfumes have Gardenia in them.  This may also be the reason that I had a Gardenia bouquet for my wedding, and they were floating in vases at every table.  And quite possibly the reason that I want to spend every free moment in Hawaii.  Gardenias are ADDICTIVE to me.  So I did some research and I found out some very cool tidbits about this beautiful flower that I wanted to share with you...

- The Gardenia represents grace and secret love.

- In aromatherapy it is used to treat depression and anxiety, but most excitingly it is used to treat loss of libido in both men and women.

- In England during the 19th century it was considered good luck to give the blossom to a man.

- Billie Holiday considered them to be her signature flower and wore them any time she performed.

- Gardenias were Sigmund Freud's favorite flower.

- It is found in all of these perfumes from Olivine...Oxley, She Belongs There, Amongst The Waves and our signature scent Olivine.