"Like a Girl" and Loving Ourselves

I was so inspired by this video done by Always (yes, the feminine protection company) about what it means to do things "like a girl." Have you seen it? I was beyond inspired by the young girls who aren't yet influenced by society's sometimes negative connotations about what it means to be a woman.



And then I saw this FANTASTIC video by singer/songwriter, Colbie Caillat, called "Try." Granted, I make perfumes and beauty rituals, but that doesn't mean I believe that women should be slaves to them, or are any less without them.



I love the message of loving yourself just as you are, being comfortable in your own skin, and not trying so damn hard. We all know what that feels like, and it doesn't feel good. You know what does feel good? Wearing the clothes and adornments (or none at all) that light you up. Speaking and carrying yourself with confidence because you know that you're of priceless worth and add value wherever you go. To move with comfort and confidence about the world is such a tremendous gift.

And then I thought about swimsuit season. Shopping for something to swim in is so often a dreaded act for women, myself included. How many times have we looked at the mirror and probed and frowned at every dimple, discoloration, voluptuous spot on our precious bodies and left feeling defeated? It's become so ingrained that it's natural that we all dread this season.

 I decided to stop the cycle for myself long ago, but I created my "You are Beautiful" lotion because I believe that we're all worth a daily ritual full of positive affirmation. It's packed with 72% organic ingredients, like skin-loving coconut, aloe, jojoba, and shea, and comes packaged in a reusable (you'll want to use it everywhere and I love seeing how creative customers get with repurposing this magical vessel!) glass bottle adorned with affirmations that remind you how amazing you are. 

Let's break the cycle of thinking that being female is a deficiency or that our bodies are targets for criticism. Today, this swimsuit season, and everyday, let's embrace being girls in these beautiful bodies, with our incredible hearts and minds. I honor you all!