Thursday Favorites

While I love sharing Scent Stories with you, I have also had the kind of week where I peruse the internet and find myself saying "heck yes!" or "Whoa!" Occasionally, I want to also share my favorite things I've stumbled upon, be they interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring, maddening, or just plain cute and awesome. Behold, my Thursday Favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


Body Conscious: Swimwear made for real women. Emphasis on the real. Oh, and local and handmade. And you can get in on making it happen.

Women In Print: Female editors at Le Monde and The New York Times leave posts within hours of one another. But who will take their place? So many feels.

Shedding the Robe: The Stealthy Freedoms of the Iranian Women Facebook page is fascinating.

Women for Women: All 20 female senators, usually factioned on most issues, in Nigeria band together over missing girls.

Memories of Mom: I love these posts about peoples' most potent memories of their mothers.

Pink of Perfection: The myth of the "perfect mom."

Animal Education: 8 questions you'll likely field when you buy cruelty-free…and how to answer them.

Beauty Throwback: How many of these beauty products of the 90's did you use? So many chemicals, so much glitter!