Scent Stories: Bluebird

"A true connoisseur of life, my Grandma Sally laughed all the time, wore red lipstick, drank white wine with ice, and took me to ladies luncheon fashion shows. She was divine."

Each week, I want to share with you the stories behind my hand-crafted scents. Why? Because every perfumer has a story for their fragrances, and I think it helps you to spin your own when you know mine. The third scent in this series is our newbie, Bluebird. Much like a summery day, this scent is only around for a limited time, but is inspired by someone whose timelessness defined - and continues to define - my life.

Scent story:

My grandparents lived right on Lake Chelan which is a gorgeous lake in Eastern Washington.  Some of my favorite memories were of going to stay at the Lake. My Grandma Sally LOVED blue - She collected Blue Willow dishes, antique cruets mostly in shades of blue, their house was painted blue, and she most loved it when the Bluebirds came to her bird feeder. Their boat was even called Bluebird and they lived on the bluest of blue lakes. Noticing a blue theme here?

Grandma Sally was a nurse and she lost her first husband who went Missing-In-Action during WWII, where he was a navy pilot. He was my real grandfather and she loved to tell me quick stories about him whenever possible. It was a strong, enduring, beautiful love - the kind we only really see during the frenzy of wartime. Two of my favorite possessions are her wedding ring and the strand of pearls that he gave her on their first anniversary. When they were courting, he came home on leave and they were on a ferry ride just enjoying a sunny afternoon. He proposed to her and told her she had 20 minutes to decide if she wanted to marry him, as he had a whole wedding planned for them at the ferry terminal on the other side. Crazy romantic, right? They were madly in love and it was such a passionate time in the world as we were going to war. I wish she was still alive so I could hear more of her delicious and inspiring stories.
A true connoisseur of life, Grandma Sally laughed all the time, wore red lipstick, drank white wine with ice, and took me to ladies luncheon fashion shows. She was divine.
What does it smell like?

With a bright top note of blood orange and neroli, the full floral middle note accord of orange blossom and stargazer lily bring you the warmth of sun on skin. The soft creamy base notes of French vanilla and floral musk embrace you, leaving you with an inner joy, a radiance – of childlike innocence and the feeling of being home.

When to wear Bluebird?

When you're craving comfort, guidance, protection, and that happy, carefree feeling that is so unique to childhood and wartime love, when time felt both fleeting and lingering.

Where to apply?

The crick of your elbow, behind your ears, and behind your knees, just like you used to do when you were a little girl.

Custom Affirmation:

"There's nothing a smile, red lipstick, and an attitude of appreciation can't make marvelous."