Scent Stories: Full Regalia

"There's nothing quite like knowing, without a doubt, who you are and what you're here to do."

Each week, I want to share with you the stories behind my hand-crafted scents. Why? Because every perfumer has a story for their fragrances, and I think it helps you to spin your own when you know mine. The first scent up is Full Regalia

Scent story:

Full Regalia was my grandfather's racehorse (Don't worry; I'm not promoting horse racing, just sharing a story from decades ago). He was a great racehorse, my grandfather was told, and that’s why he cost so much money. He came home with my grandfather, and over the following year went on to lose every race he was entered in. Well, every race but one. For some strange reason, Grandpa entered the horse into the Longacres Mile in 1963, to be ridden by a jockey with a bad track record.

Not surprisingly, Full Regalia was a long shot. His odds were 11:1. True to his style, he remained 12 lengths behind the other horses for most of the race. But with half a mile to go, he seemed to suddenly remember who he was. And, with a burst of determination, he pushed forward, leaping and rushing past all the other horses, until he’d won the race.

What does it smell like?

What you’ll notice first is pure, sweet vanilla. Simple, lovely. But don’t be fooled. Waiting just beneath the surface are Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, and a hint of Patchouli. Complex and delicious: a winning combination.

When to wear Full Regalia?

Full Regalia is sexy. It's made for mysterious, foggy days, butterflies-in-your-stomach date nights, and getting close. Believe me, when you wear this, everyone will want to come a little closer to you. And because it's a scent of confidence and self-assuredness, you will thrive when wearing to a job interview, public speaking engagement, or anywhere where you could use an olfactory reminder of all the good, courageous, surprising stuff that comprises wonderful you.

Where to apply?

Cleavage, back of the neck.

Custom affirmation:

"Today, I will make magic happen."

Now, that's an affirmation that bears repeating.