What "Fabulous Fashionistas" Taught Me About Aging + Personal Style

Last week, I had the privilege of watching a documentary that truly changed me. As I nestled in to watch the UK film, Fabulous Fashionistas, I was expecting to see a jolly plot line of women who've aged gracefully and crafted their own personal style. And the film did not disappoint in those areas. What I wasn't expecting was to be so deeply moved by the picture and more potently, so damn inspired by these incredible, authentic, unabashedly original women.

The documentary follows six inspirational and lively women (with an average age of 80 years old!!!) as they describe their relationship with fashion and the trajectory of their lives (which is really remarkable; get your tissues ready). Without botox or plastic surgery, these women are redefining old age. Not one of them feels like an 'old person' and, in their own ways, they are defying expectations of the aging process. Their confidence is firmly planted, their energy is palpable, and their styles range from classic to youthful to irreverant. As a woman, mother, and a business owner intent on making products and courses that help women feel their absolute best, I was hypnotized by these incredible figures.

Words to live by: "I don't give a damn about what people think about the way I dress. I just love style and design and color."

Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington have a spark. Most of them are widowed. All of them have experienced significant losses and hardships. One woman has a significantly younger husband and a gorgeous marriage that defied all odds and whispers. All of them have rituals for staying positive and vibrant (stretching, positive affirmations, gardening, walking everywhere). And, what's more: Many of them are still working and get their clothes from charity shops. Further proof that fashion is what you buy, but true style is what you make of it. Just watch the clip and you'll see what I mean: 

Are you feeling thoroughly inspired yet? It's so easy for us to get dragged down by societal expectations of aging and women. Western society is especially tough on women as we increase in years, and we often feel inadequate, or worse, irrelevant. Seeing these women so boldly seize their lives and their happiness through the vehicle of personal style touched me. I walk a little taller, speak a little more assuredly. I feel more myself by knowing these women through this documentary. You can purchase and watch the documentary here. And then share it with every woman you know. It's beautiful and it's important.
What are your thoughts on aging and developing or evolving your personal style through age? To me, as I mature, I feel more grounded in and aware of who I am and what I want to project. There's so much power and liberation in that, and I'd love to hear your strategies and thoughts on living your best, most authentic life and cultivating joyful style at all stages of life.