Two New Goodies For You Today!!

You might be wondering why this bottle of lotion says You Are Beautiful on the front, instead of say, Olivine Lotion.  Last year I bought an empty glass bottle and I wrote the same phrase on the bottle with magic marker (I'm not very crafty!) so I could remember to say this to myself every time I put my lotion on.  You know what?  It worked!  Just doing this every day has totally upped my game in the Sparkly Self Love department and I want the same for you.  And the wooden tag?  I LOVE THE TAG!!!  Slip this off the bottle and put it anywhere you might need a little pick me up throughout the day.

The lotion is crafted from 72% organic ingredients and comes in all 6 of the yummy Olivine scents.  It is in an 8 oz glass bottle with a locking black pump.  It will look gorgeous on your bathroom vanity!

You can find the lotion here.


Super cute pencils!!!  Because you can use a little dose of Sparkly Self Love while you are balancing your checkbook or making to do lists.  $10 for a set of 5 pencils.  These will make perfect stocking stuffers and little gifts for everyone you know.  I would stash a few in my gift closet if I had a gift closet...

You can find the pencils here.