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Olivine Atelier

SHINE BRIGHT ~ A Flower Magic Mist

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SHINE BRIGHT ~ available thru 9/15 @ 9pm
Oh my word! You beautiful people have ordered so many that I have completely gone through my stash of Tiare oil! Any orders placed now will be scented with 100% pure Jasmine Grandiflorum Essential Oil - there are no words for how beautiful this scent is...

The urge to make this blend has been stirring in my soul ever since I saw the epic monologue by America Ferrera in the Barbie movie.
If you're one of the 20 people that hasn't seen the Barbie movie then I suggest you see the movie, I don't want to link to any spoilers!!
For centuries women have been taught to dim their lights to make others feel comfortable ~ which has led to lifetimes of women feeling that they are not worthy simply for being themselves.
I created this Flower Remedy Magic + Pure-fume Mist as my medicine for anyone seeking to find their way to healing this wound.
It's good. It's REALLY good.
This flower mist was created to be your companion, your shield and your secret weapon to remembering who you are.
Repeat this mantra as you mist yourself 3+ times a day:
That I am STRONG
That I am FIERCE
That I am MAGIC
That I am WORTHY
Flower Remedies take about 14-21 days of consistent use to really feel the effects. I recommend using it 3 or more times per day for ultimate benefits.
Using it once a day will still give results, they just won't be as potent.
Contains The Following Flower Essences + Natural Fragrance:

Star Of Bethlehem ~ for dissolving past trauma
This is the flower remedy that is used for addressing trauma from this lifetime, ancestral trauma in your lineage and the collective trauma that we all feel whether we like it or not.

Agrimony ~ for the recovering people pleasing
For acting happy and perfect when you really just want to rage and vent. For always showing up as perfect when you are melting inside. This remedy teaches us that it's OK to rage and melt when we need to!!

Pine ~ for all the guilt
This remedy addresses all those feelings of guilt that we hold on to. I yelled at my kid last week, guilt. The house is a mess, guilt. I don't look perfect today, guilt. Arghhh, this is a tiresome feeling to hold on to.

Crab Apple ~ for feeling self-disgust
You know that kinda dirty feeling you get inside that you just aren't enough exactly as you are? This remedy boosts your confidence and gets rid of that 'less-than' feeling. On a side note it does wonders for your skin - blemishes, red spots, dullness.

Mimulus ~ for all the fears
Any of these fears sound familiar? I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing. I'm afraid I'm not pretty enough. I'm afraid I'm not smart enough. I'm afraid I'll upset somebody. I'm afraid my outfit isn't flattering enough. Mimulus is for you.

Larch ~ for unshakeable confidence
You know what it takes to move past your old ways to new + brighter pastures? Larch is the remedy for confidence that lets you know that you have absolutely got this. I like to say that it has that "Oh yeah? Bring it" energy when we need to know that we are capable.

Pomegranate ~ revel in your feminine side
This gorgeous flower is the ultimate essence to take for all women. It awakens your femininity, helps your creative passions blossom, and has even been known to help regulate your cycle!

Yarrow ~ clears + protects your energetic field

This little flower is for protection and cleansing. Honestly, I feel sometimes like I need extra protection from scrolling my IG + FB feeds. We are all experiencing some serious bad vibes on the daily, Yarrow is here to help with that.

Lightly scented with Jasmine Grandiflorum Pure Essential Oil for sensuality + pure feminine essence
This oil helps resolve conflicts + trauma that are stored in the body, allowing flow and ease to ensue. You may find yourself gently swaying your hips as you smell this delicious treat from nature.

Please note that Flower Essences have no scent, and the only scent you will smell is the Tiare Flower. It is very lightly scented and not to be confused with a perfume spray.

Packaged in a 30ml BPA free refillable plastic spray bottle. 

Wait, plastic? What???

In my ideal world you will carry this spray with you everywhere. In a purse, slid into a pocket, you get the idea. Glass is prohibitive for easy transport.

Of course, recycle.

Or even better, if Shine Bright becomes an Olivine staple then we will offer larger refill bottles for you! We shall see...