Set of Sparkly Crystals


Here is the set of crystals that you will need for your Creating Magic 101 class!

Smoky Quartz - Grounding Stone

Black Tourmaline - Grounding Stone

Red Jasper - 1st Chakra

Carnelian - 2nd Chakra

Citrine - 3rd Chakra

Rose Quartz - 4th Chakra

Green Aventurine - 4th Chakra

Blue Lace Agate - 5th Chakra

Amethyst - 6th Chakra

Clear Quartz - 7th Chakra

I have also included a Clear Quartz Point and a Pendulum for extra fun!!

Quality and Origin of the gems provided:

There are many grades of healing crystals. Some are of much higher quality than others. I have carefully chosen stones that are Grade A, or "Extra" quality, so that you have a set that performs optimally, while helping to balance your chakras, which is important! 

Here are the origins of each of the crystals included in this kit, so you know exactly what you are getting, and where they came from. 

+ Red Jasper, Africa
+ Orange Carnelian, Brazil
+ Citrine, Brazil
+ Green Aventurine, Africa
+ Blue Lace Agate, India
+ Amethyst (light), Brazil
+ Clear Quarts Point, Brazil
+ Smoky Quartz (dark), Brazil
+ Black Tourmaline, Brazil

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