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Olivine Atelier


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You know that shift in the weather? The end of summer, just before fall hits?
You find yourself pulling out your cardigans to layer over your summer dresses?
That is Sapphire Moon...
Top Note: 
Earl Grey Tea
Heart Notes: 
Egyptian Jasmine, Honey + a touch of Carnation
Base Notes: 
Sweet Vanilla + Patchouli
It's an absolutely perfect bridge between a warm + cosy fall scent and the last bright days of summer.
Pro tip: The dry down on this perfume is incredible. Be sure to smell your wrist often to see how it changes!
The Gem Magic this month is Sapphire - 

Sapphire is known as the precious gemstone of royalty and wisdom. A stone fit for the absolute Queen that you are.

And of course a sprinkling of gold glitter for good measure…

Keywords for this scent - 

The Gem Moon details:

Every month on the New Moon I will release a new perfume that will be available for 36 hours only! Deliveries will take up to 2 weeks depending on stock availability.

5 ml roller glass bottle with a gold cap.

No samples will be available as each perfume is only available for such a short time!

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