Once A Mermaid - Salty Sea Spray *Out of Stock*


Reformulating! Will be back soon with an even more amazing product!

I would love to introduce you to:

Once A Mermaid

salty sea spray

I have been DREAMING of this product for over 2 years and she is finally a reality!!!

Once A Mermaid is a...

Beautifully performing salt spray for your hair and body


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils blended to raise your vibes and see the world with a little more sparkle


Flower Essences to connect you to your sensual feminine side, lift your spirits and boost your love life


Reiki Blessings for Sparkly Self Love


Once A Mermaid

We are creating each bottle by hand and we'll be releasing small batches online as they are available. 

If we are out of stock then rest assured we will be adding more stock regularly! 

The Ritual: Shake 3 times and make a wish. Use on wet hair for an amazing blowout, or scrunch and let dry naturally. Spray on dry hair to add volume to your mermaid locks. Also use on your body for a quick refresh!!

The Ingredients: Unconditional Love, Purified Water, Organic Alcohol, Atlantic Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Blue Green Algae Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Flower + Gemstone Essences and Reiki Blessings.

Lovingly packaged in a 4 oz Ombre ocean glass spray bottle.

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