Henabee's - The Art Of The Cover Up


HENABEE'S - The Art Of The Cover Up
What began as a do-it-yourself answer to a common wardrobe difficulty has now blossomed into a beautiful solution…introducing: Henabee's.

Founder and creator, Alex Borstein, imagined a genius way to solve her red carpet woes.  Days before an event Alex would find “the perfect dress” — but so often it would be sleeveless.

Instead of featuring her arms, Borstein prefers to let her décolletage take center stage.  Once upon a time, she tried tacking a bit of lace fabric into the armhole of a sleeveless dress... and voila!  Problem solved.  After receiving tons of compliments on the red carpet, she quickly went to work designing the first pair of Henabee's...

Borstein, a lover of fashion, has always been inspired by vintage burlesque and she wanted Henabee's to have the same sexy and fun feel while adding a flourish to any sleeveless dress or top.

Henabee's are every gal’s secret weapon.


Anna May - The Anna May is a delicate floral lace - our take on classic Hollywood glamour.

Josephine - The Josephine is a sheer silk chiffon and goes with everything from day to night.

Madeline - The Madeline is a bold hexagon print, for the lady who wants to make a fashion statement.

Tillie - The Tillie is our modern take on a polka dot. Tillie is our adventurous and vintage inspired gal.


A = Size 2-6

B = Size 8-10

C = Size 12-16 (will fit up to a 22!)

The set includes 20 pieces of reusable tape and instructions, all packaged in a keepsake box.

Each Henabee's set is made with love in New York.

Show them only what you want them to see. 

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