I loveeee these so much!!!

Do you ever find yourself juggling your keys and your groceries and your child and your wallet?

Well the juggle is over!

These glittery silicone keychains slip right over your wrist. Voila, your keys are safe and your hands are free. And of course you've got the awesome tag reminding you just how awesome you truly are!

But wait! There's more!!!

Your keychain will come in our exclusive Beauty Heart + Soul organic canvas zip bag. So basically one for you and also for everyone you know.

But we only have a limited amount (12 of each!) so don't wait on this one...

(p.s. try putting essential oils on the wooden tag, it makes the most amazing diffuser!)


And what's with the exclusive products???

Well, I was desiring a little playground where I could create limited edition products and offer them just to my most devoted customers. 

I don't know how many I will create or what this will become, but it's here for today and that's all that matters!!


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