Full Moon Selenite + Sage Wand


The Full Moon is when the moon is at her highest energy, the perfect time to manifest and draw desires and set intentions for things you want.

This beautiful moon inspired smudge wand features Blue Sage for cleansing, and herbs associated with the full moon...Rose, Jasmine and Mugwort.

A Selenite Crystal is attached to amplify energy to the divine as this stone is associated with the moon, meditation and cleansing power. And it is beautiful!

Selenite is associated with moon and is known for mental clarity, helps in meditation, as well as removing negative blocks in our bodies, our spirit and objects.

All crystals are charged with the Full Moon energy.

4 1/2 inches

p.s. Not to worry, this Sage Wand may be used at any time during the month, you don't need to wait for a full moon! I wouldn't...

How to use: light Sage and gently blow out flame. Use the white smoke to purify your areas. Always use a ceramic dish, abalone shell or plate to catch the ashes. When ready to extinguish use water or sand. Can relight for another uses again.

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