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LotusWei Bath Salts

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Choose Your Magic

Transformative bath salts infused with precious flower essences + luxurious essential oils. Pure luxury.

Each 3.5 oz bath salt comes with its own soaking meditation that you can listen to while you’re in the bathtub.

Confidence. True love. Flashes of insight. Deep sleep. Clear mind. Focus. Get it done. Wild creativity. Make it happen. Take a big leap. Powerful immune system. 

Available in:

Infinite Love - Rose, Honey + Mandarin for unconditional love

Inner Peace - Grounding Lavender + Spices for deep rest, relaxation + clarity

Inspired Action - Exotic Pink Pepper, Cardamom + Citrus for unstoppable focus, creativity + inspiration

Joy Juice - Jasmine + Citrus for joy, laughter + euphoria

Quiet MindFresh Green Herbal for deep peace, calm + contentment

Radiant Energy - Warm Woods + Citrus for energy, vitality, PMS and an immune system boost


All 3.5 oz bath rituals contain a base of Sea Salt and the accompanying flower essences and essential oils. For more info on any of the above Remedies please see our Flower Remedies department!