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Olivine Atelier


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This blend was created for cashmere sweaters, knee high boots and deep red lipstick. Snuggling in front of a fire and quiet whispers of love. And walking into a room knowing that you are the badass woman that you are.

Vanilla + Oud + Neroli

For extra magic we have included Turquoise gems and a dose of gold glitter.

Turquoise is the December birthstone and is believed to boost health, protection and wisdom.

Keywords for this blend would be: provocative, snuggly, cashmere + golden glow.

5 ml perfume oil - roller bottle - gold cap

Contains phthalate free, paraben free, cruelty free and non-toxic fragrance oil, crystals and ethically mined gold mica.

The Gem Moon details:

Every month on the New Moon I will release a new perfume that will be available for 36 hours only! Deliveries will take up to 2 weeks depending on stock availability.

No samples will be available as each perfume is only available for such a short time!

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