Beauty Oil


Here is what you will find in this precious bottle of BEAUTY OIL...

BLUE TANSY Essential Oil - high in azulene, this beautifier is helpful for all skin conditions from dermatitis to acne to wrinkles. A must for your skin care routine!

FRANKINCENSE Essential Oil - highly regarded as a cell regenerator, a skin firmer and an acne reducer, Frankincense will change your skin and your life. In ancient Egypt Frankincense was known as a cure all, and science is now starting to find that they were totally right.

YLANG YLANG Essential Oil - one of my favorite essential oils of all time. She is Divine Feminine, she is Beauty, she is a tropical rain storm all rolled up into one. Also happens to be amazing for all skin types!

ANDEAN ORCHID Flower Essence - known as Winay Wayna (Forever Young in Quechua), this Flower Essence restores vitality and brings back a radiant glow to the skin.

ROSE QUARTZ Crystals - this is the crystal for Self Love, and the Beauty Oil is infused with them!

ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL - the best oil for all skin types! Not greasy and absorbs beautifully.

How to use:

Roll over face and massage in. While massaging your skin look in the mirror and repeat the following...




Packaged in a 10ml Roller Ball for easy application!



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