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Olivine Atelier


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Tahitian Gardenia, Vanilla Orchid + Coconut Palm
The Tahitian Gardenia is also known as Tiare. It is one of the most famous of the Polynesian flowers and is known for being the flower you put behind your ear to tell others whether you are single of taken. 
The tricky part is that the meaning of which ear you tuck your flower may change from island to island!!!
So tricky…
The Gem Magic this month is Amethyst - 
This crystal provides the peace and relaxation found while laying on a beautiful sandy beach under a warm sun.
And of course a sprinkling of gold glitter for good measure…
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The Gem Moon details:

Every month on the New Moon I will release a new perfume that will be available for 36 hours only! Deliveries will take up to 2 weeks depending on stock availability.

5 ml roller glass bottle with a gold cap.

No samples will be available as each perfume is only available for such a short time!

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