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Olivine Atelier


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Choose Your Magic

AMBER MOON  - available thru 3/22 at 9pm PST!!


✨Jasmine Petals
✨ Saffron
✨ Oakmoss
✨ Creamy Amber
✨ a hint of Brown Sugar 



Amber. Amber is sunshine we can hold in our hands and is used to connect us to all that is Light and Good. It links us to our Highest Self and helps us to see how we can become positive agents of change in our own lives and in the lives of others. It encourages us to be spontaneous and confident, while also being gentle and respectful.

Amber is a fantastic manifestation tool, inspiring us to seize hold of our dreams and ambitions and do the work to turn them into reality.

Amber brings us good fortune, and both aligns and cleanses our entire energy field.

***Please note, the Amber Gems are ONLY available in the 15 ml Roller!

Available in the following sizes:

0.5 ml sample vial
5 ml roller
15 ml roller with GEMS

The Gem Moon details:

Every month on the New Moon I will release a new perfume (or beauty ritual) that will be available for 36 hours only! Deliveries will take up to 2 weeks depending on stock availability.


Some Gem Moons may be available with the next New Moon release, but it's not something I can predict!

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