Lovely Ambassadors


Would you like to share the love with your friends and family?  Then I would love to have you as one of my Lovely Ambassadors.  Here are all the details in a cute and tiny nutshell:

Go to this page and fill out the super quick form.

♥ You will receive a special link that is just for you, send it to all of your friends!  All they have to do is click on the link and make their purchase.  By the way, if you have a blog then we have some great images for you to use on your site!

♥ You will receive 25% of all sales of the online classes, Happily Ever After & A Lovely Venture!  You will also receive 10% of all product sales that are made through your unique link.

Payouts are made monthly through Paypal.

Now go share some love with the world!!

I am currently a little obsessed with this woman's art, you can find it here!