Alexis Smart Foundational Remedies

The Foundational Formulas heal you at the deepest level.

Foundational Formulas are designed to heal old wounds, which may be the cause of current suffering. Trauma, grief and fear can leave lasting impressions on the body, mind and emotions. Often, we may not even realize we have been effected by an event, because the symptoms we are presenting may be seemingly unrelated.

The best way to tell if you need a Foundational Formula, is if you find your self saying, "I’ve never been the same since…” as you recall something from your past.

Flower remedies are most effective when the symptoms they treat match the picture you are presenting. Read about the Foundational Formulas below and see which one of them resonates. I suggest taking one bottle and at the end of the month, decide if you want to do it again. Or it could be that you are now ready to build your dream house.

Now that your Foundation is firm and strong, you can build on it with one of the other formulas...



Whole Hearted: This is the best one to start with if you have had grief, loss, abandonment, a sad childhood or have never recovered from a broken relationship.

In Love: For chronic relationship problems, trust issues, low self esteem, fear of abandonment, codependence or or inability to be open to love. (In Love is very similar to WholeHearted. If you relate to both WholeHearted and In Love, start with WholeHearted then follow up with In Love).

Moon River: Mood swings due to hormonal issues (postpartum, PMS, menopause and peri-menopause)

Sunshine: Past grief and trauma leading to depression, social isolation or apathy.

Beauty Formula No. 7: Feelings of unattractiveness, self criticism, guilt and lack of confidence, comparing your self to others.

Safe and Sound: Panic attacks, anxiety

I Will: This was designed for those who have chronic illness and who have become exhausted and lost their will to get better. Part of their trauma is the illness itself, hearing the diagnosis and all the treatments they have to endure. I Will may also be used if a situation in your life has depleted your life force to the extent that you don’t feel you have the will or strength to leave. 


First Aid Kit: No matter which Foundational Formula you choose, you should always have a bottle of First Aid Kit on hand (bathroom cabinet, purse, glove compartment) for emergencies. This fast acting formula neutralizes trauma and shock, restoring calm immediately. Take four drops every ten minutes during a crisis (accidents, emotional stress, hospital visits, fear of flying, dental visits, public speaking, etc.). May also be used preventatively, at the first sign of illness.