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Aloha Perfume Oil 10ml

Aloha Perfume Oil 10ml

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Limited stock will be available on 07/31 at 10am PST!!!


This Aloha Collection has something truly magical about it...


Tuberose + Coconut

I don't know how to describe this other than absolutely dreamy.  Tuberose is super sexy and Coconut is basically the beach. This one is an OMG for me.



I'm not a fruity perfume girl, but there is something different about this Mango. It is sweet, but also has a sultry muskiness about it. 

I find myself putting this one on often. 



This oil to me is straight up walking down a path in Hawaii after a quick rain when the Plumeria is blooming.


Gardenia + Lilikoi

Pure Magic. 

This blend has been on repeat already for many customers and it's easy to see why.


Available in a gorgeous 10ml roller bottle or a 1 ml sample bottle here.


All of these oils are 100% natural and hand made by small farms on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. 


I am only able to buy them in small batches at a time and they do sell out quickly!


When we lived on Kauai I met (OK stalked) the most incredible man that was distilling essential oils on Kauai and Maui. I begged him to sell me the oils and it took me a while but I finally broke him down.


We very quickly went through our first batch but I have been able to get more oils that are quite possibly even more amazing...


Each oil that I am lucky enough to get is either distilled or created with the enfleurage method using flowers and fruits from small farmers on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. 


Honestly, I get chills just having these oils!!! But then again I'm a bit obsessed with Hawaii and her flowers!

All scents are sold separately!


As these perfumes are all created from pure essential oils and extracts, they will not last as long on the skin as a traditional perfume. 


Please enjoy my private collection of Hawaiian treats. I thought we could all use a little ALOHA right now...

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