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S.O.S. - the rescue remedy

S.O.S. - the rescue remedy

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My personal recommendation? ALWAYS have a bottle of S.O.S. on hand.

I keep them in a couple areas around my house, in my car and in my purse.

Consider this to be a modern updated form of Bach's Rescue Remedy!

Formulated to be fast acting - it is meant to be used 'in the moment'.

Stress, trauma, shock, panic, fear...use it at the first signs of crisis and every 10 minutes until the situation (or feeling) has subsided.

Many veterinarians recommend this for pets as well, you can put on a cookie, in drinking water or directly in mouth (alcohol-free version).

If you have chronic stress and anxiety then I recommend Peace + Calm for daily use. 



4 drops under the tongue, or in any liquid. 

Take at first sign of stress (or in advance), and continue to take every 10 minutes as needed.

May also be put directly on the skin (although not to be put on open wounds)



Regular: Spring water, biodynamic brandy and a proprietary blend of organic, wild-harvested Bach flower essences.

Alcohol Free: Spring water, organic vegetable glycerin and a proprietary blend of organic, wild-harvested Bach flower essences. Packaged in a blue glass bottle.