How I Stopped Wearing Black...

How I Stopped Wearing Black


My whole life I have been dressing in black.

When I was 8 years old I begged for an all black ski outfit. When I was 10 and heavily influenced by Young Miss and Teen Magazine I learned that black would make me look slim. When I was 13 and my life turned to heavy metal and punk rock I learned that black clothing would make me look edgy and so cool. When I was 24 and entering into the fashion industry it was made very clear that if you want to look stylish you should wear black. Throughout the years I did multiple online seasonal color analysis quizzes, DIY analyses and was always told that I was a Winter, which gave me permission to wear even more black!

So basically the path was laid out for me...

If you want to look slim, edgy, cool and super stylish then you wear black.

Fast forward about 40 years.

Several months ago I went into my closet and I realized that it was 95% black, 3% white and 2% other. And it was DEPRESSING. Later that day in one of my Facebook groups someone mentioned they had an in-person color analysis done and I knew immediately I was going to make that happen. 

I found Nicole in Seattle and my life was forever changed. (If you're in Seattle run and get on her waitlist!!)

I sat in her chair and watched as she draped me in all these colors that made me look old and tired. It should come as no surprise that black was one of those colors that had that effect on me.

It turns out I'm an Autumn! I look amazing in rich, earthy and vibrant colors.

Within 24 hours I had cleared my closet of every black item and I vowed to spend 30 days wearing only colors that were in harmony with ME.

(I also incorporated some of my fave Self-Love tools to make it even more magical, but more on that later!!)

Here are just a few highlights from those 30 days...

I ran into an old friend and he insisted that I had had a facelift!

I LOVE getting dressed every day now.

I have a closet full of color and everything is in harmony.

So many compliments. So many. Countless.

But then the unexpected things started happening...

I started showing up at work in a whole new way. Suddenly I was no longer afraid to be visible and seen in my business. I said YES to things that I never would have said yes to before.

I found myself taking much greater care in my overall 'self' - eating foods that make me feel more vibrant, moving my body every day because I want to, keeping my surroundings free of clutter and stagnation. And it's enjoyable.

All because I stopped hiding in my black shield of armor, started adorning myself in colors that were made for me, and added in a little sprinkling of my own magic.

I have to say that this took every personal development/spiritual course and tool that I have taken and catapulted it into the next level. My mind is blown every single day as the new changes in myself start to emerge.

My fascination with color has now taken me to some very unexpected places!

I'm in the middle of a 4 month Color Analysis training course because I am obsessed with it.

I simply had to create Fragrance Palettes for each of the seasons.

And of course my wheels are turning in all sorts of ways of sparkly things I want to create!!!

And now I need to book a photo shoot with me wearing my colors, I'll be back with that soon...