Love + Roses ♥ Pound Jewelry Gift Set


BEST. GIFT. EVER. I love my Pound Jewelry Opalite Pendulum so much that I called them and begged them to let me offer it to you, along with a 2 oz Love + Roses spray of course! All packaged up in the most adorable muslin bag with a printed gold feather. We have a limited edition run of 20 of these all packaged up and ready to go!

The Opalite Pendulum is on a brass chain that is adjustable up to 30". The model in the photo is wearing it much shorter, it's all up to you! 

Want to use your pendulum for magic as well as a perfect accessory? My friend Rochelle Schieck wrote an awesome blog post (click here to read it!) about just how to do it. 

Here is a little bit about Opalite:

OPALITE: Milky white or translucent in color, opalite is known as the “Stone of Eternity”, reminding us we are not limited to our physical selves, but that our souls are eternal. It is a very harmonizing stone and assists during times of transition of any kind. It balances out negative or hostile environments for the betterement of all involved. Opalite improves communication within relationships and on a spiritual level and gives us the courage to speak our minds to promote truth without fear. It also aids in sexual prowess and transforms any negative sexual experiences or events of the past. In matters of health, opalite purifies the kidneys and blood in order to increase levels of vitality in times of extreme fatigue or energy-loss. We are obsessed with the color-play that occurs when the sunshine hits opalite and it seems almost as if the stone itself is radiating an aura about it. 

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